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And like this ant
on the cautious trek
across this ten-year towel
Minding the frays
Circumventing the stains
like a stray dog in an alien desert

I too
cruise the crystal
ancestor sand
as I lost crawl the pixel

There’s foam at my toes
and I stand naked as the day I was born
Perhaps more so
because of my awareness of the fact
Yet I strut stark
and free

Finally a breeze
on the undercarriage of this meaty mascot
God's forgotten bony robot
Carving out cartilage with every knee creak
Shivers in the scaffolding with every whisper
of the sea

I think if there's anything
I was put on this planet to do
it's this
To stand in defiance
of both surf and solidity
To walk the cusp
of deep water chaos
and imminent civil machinery

The line isn’t straight
and isn’t visible for long
but it's an evolving and constant reminder
of everything that was
and everything
that could be

I have more in common
with this little
six-legged stowaway
than I might care to admit

While I burn my feet on hot sand
letting my mind prod aimlessly at the endless grains
of entropic time and conscious fruition
of the spiraled infinities of quantum equations
eventually getting stuck
in my own existential tangle

this ant
on a mission of its own
seeking a smaller salvation
as it quests for comparable crumbs of life
makes a wrong turn
at the fold in my towel

and gets lost

in my leg hair