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Cat's Away

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Hurry up, let’s sing and dance
before the red alert
Bloody-eyed and out of breath
The brain remains inert

Slip right past the master’s room
Careful not to creak
Stolen moments in the dark
No over-thought to speak

and destroy

this moment
like the micromanaging
Big Belly Boss
it is

For once
just leave us alone
Will you?
For once
stay silent
and give us our moment
in these early morning minutes
before your eyes snap open
and the mind sparks fire
and you begin once again
to recite the ways
in which our artful love
and joy of creation
is doomed

Stay in bed you sleepy brute
Anxious antagonist
to the hero of your own story

Just relax
and know
that the floorboards singing outside your skull
are not an attempt to undermine you
but is instead
a necessary getaway
between a man
and his muse
sneaking in shadow
into an unknown corner of this unruly mind
Hiding in hushed passion
from the oversight of the roaming dead-eyed twins
Logic and Reason
monitoring these empty halls
for the slightest squeak to scrutinize
Desperate to find something
to think to death

Let us have our secret spot
Away from the commotion
of waking life
Away from the business
of plans and goals
of judgements and decisions
Away from it all

Before it all kickstarts again
Let us have this moment
to hold a hideaway candle
between a mortal
and his magic
Watching the flame dance
in the reflection
of each other’s eyes
longing for a longevity
we both know won’t last

Watching the romance
burn with the sunrise
as our tied fingers
slip their grasp
and a practical world
begins again



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