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Crowned Cup

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Early day dip in the old dark brew
Sleep-starved smile turn a gold tooth bronze
Gotta sip hot, trick an old dog new
Cuz some juice in the joints makes me feel like the Fonze

Aaay, I say at the start of the day
Thumbs to the sky in a cool guy way
Chuckle at a joke that I told to myself
about a rat race game I forgot how to play

But I sniff and I claw
for the same old scratch
Like anybody else
with their own coin to catch
Trade for your time when you deal with the dregs
It’s an unholy swap
when your pocket needs a patch

Still out the door with a grin and a leer
at a sideways world
with a crucified seer
Heard the North Star pop like a burnt out bulb
Now it’s blind bumper cars
at the edge of the pier

So I’ll do it myself like a True Tool Fool
The body
a vessel
The mind
a mule
I refuse to be cornered by the misguided mass
My life is my kingdom
I’ll cut my own crown
and rule



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