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Fever Leak

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Gotta pay to play
Set the eyes to peep
Outside when I feel a little fever creep

Old bones gonna hold up my shaky cauldron
Wingspan reckless
All done


Set feet to feline
Feather in my step when I’m slinkin’ the back nine
Just trying to tee-up the windchimes
Watch the ball bounce as I balance the b-line

Got that

Graphite in a stranger’s pencil
Old head stuck drip and droppin’ the ink quill
Nevermind despondency so common that we feel
While unsung youngins smash two thumbs to bonemeal


I wanna roll when I roll
Forget we only heat up at the edge of the cold
Paint a picturesque passerby with stories untold
Then it’s ass to the grass, watch the sidewalk grow old

Can’t help grip tools to the time ship
Lost luggage with a little bitta loose lip
Caught a few just to scribble ‘fore The Big Slip
Lost contact

Try to scout out the masterpiece
Cuz it’s countdown till the ol’ fork and feast
A little gratitude
A little veg and meat
Pay homage to the old ones
at least

Six feet
Stood in the quicksand of death release
It was a temporal crease

Six peaks
Forming abnormally alluring stars
It was a frack and fleece

I don’t wanna say I’m a man of means
I got a butt to the brimstone
Hot ash cheeks

I racked the skis, now it’s
Cut to
Outta the hair before the air turns sweet

What a cold to catch when you’re out in the daylight
Sound body with a fixer-up mind
Sunray makes way for the dreamtime
Blast off like I’m drunk on the moon wine

Can’t sweat it, cuz I still get it
Gotta trade time for a little bitta credit
Had me a hungry hunch so I fed it
Saw me a bat bite comin and I let it

Pen down hands up, its the grease police
With a pointer and a thumb, it’s the finger freeze
Lost juice in the joints, I hear the coffin creak
Caught a clue but I still got a spirit to seek

All work and no play turns gods to geeks
You either fly with the lightning or flock to the sheep
Hand on a hanky, nose on the bleed
It’s all trouble when you
let a little



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