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Holy Roller

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Look at this holy roller
scanning the scene
for the prophetic pair
of ruby red lips
to give a heavenly blow
on a fistful of cubes
dotted with primordial starlight
and ready for the lucky shake

Snake eyes to the skies
on a holy mission of search and destroy
Ever-vigilant for a clue to the question
The real inquiry behind all curiosity
The Big Ask of the One True Pit Boss
Mr. Eye in the Sky
Behind a wall of screens
each playing out the lives
of every one of us here
on the floor
gambling away our fate
in this smoke-soaked casino

One lucky roll could do it
So pucker those ruby reds
and breathe some life into these mortal bones
Clackity clack
No going back
When it’s all on the line
I’ll look into yours
You look into mine
Say a quick prayer
Let’s make a dice roll divine



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