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In Plain Sight

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You take shape only
at the corner of my eye
Always waiting for me
to peak around the corner
Ready at a moment’s notice
to make the next dash
behind the lashes

I could almost see your bone structure
this time

Almost caught your scent
on on lusty gust
of runaway wind

But I've never been good
at following my nose

Probably just our old pal Pan
the horned goat god
of hedonism
and all things debaucherous
leaving behind his ancient
and primal stench
Wafting apple pie vapors
of unholy sexual deviancy
and divine climactic union
into the nostrils of
an otherwise clean scent detector

A reminder to shake off
the distracting demon dust
Eyes forward
and crossed just enough
to draw out from its hiding place
and crystallize
the elusive Magic-Eye Worm
instead of remaining on the hunt
for the mythic
and uncatchable

Form in your own time
take all that you need
And when you’re ready
you creep out
from the concealed corner
of my wandering eye
and finally show me
just what your face will look like
when I finally lay eyes
on a love that’s worth
this life




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