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Lo-Fi Magic

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Shaking off the midnight glow
Eyes drag fantasy bags in tow
Reach for the black water
Take the deep dive
Sink into sound
Keep fidelity low

Boom — Click — Snap
Repeat the beat
Re-rack the track
My favorite way to start the day
A blistered tongue
An aching back

These other-worldly wavelengths
provide all the sound I lack
For the world beyond is silent
save the old plastic click-clack

Fingers linger
hovering over this field of potential
with the timeless patience
and ominous presence
of a shadowed starship
for the perfect abduction

as so many visitors have
to snag wisdom on the run
To locate and assimilate
new knowledge of the Self
To find some sort of alien advice
to trap
in these ten tractor beams
sweeping like spotlights
forever on the hunt
for a single clue
to the origin of all things

But I can’t wait for some backwoods messiah
to go running across the cow patties
To snatch them from the bramble patch
and say Welcome Aboard
I can’t wait
to see the Secret
sprint across my line of sight
and slip
on a glassy iris
I can’t wait

for the answer

I’ll take what I can find
I’ll plug my ears with
electric transmission
Tap-dance a dead trance
Synaptic magician

There is no more waiting
no sleep you can shake
There is only what you do
to prove

you’re awake



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