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Hand on my head
the other holding
my heartbeat
What a thrill
to feel
caricature made real
Something solid

Through simple strokes
and scribbles
Ink to make me think
Sketch to make me stretch
Past the knots
in a mind
into smooth certainty

Despite your origin
Denial of my disrepair
I see your shine
the rust of my own
and breathe new life
into lungs past prayer

A wide smile
and open eyes
of cherished time
I see a face
that sees my own
Reflection of
a mirrored mind

But this time
I won’t run
past myself
and trip
on my own shadow


This time
I’ll bend the knee
and give thanks to the angel
guarding my better instincts
and lighting the way
to a life
normally left
to legends
of old



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