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Twin Skeleton

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Open your eyes
and let me see
Down into the dark
Past your projection
behind your black curtains
and show me
your tucked away truth
The big reveal
of how you really feel
about God’s Great Gift
and this lot we call

How could I ever know you
without greeting your secret
and introducing my own?
How could our spirits
ever sail similar
without a knowledge
of broken wings
and a thirst
for open air?

If the question of Why
never enters your mind
I’m sorry
but this isn’t going to work

If you
like many others
believe you hold the answers
in your own cosmic pocket
full of holes
the size of needle-prick starlight
and ignoring the same grasping gospel
leaking down your leg
then I’m sorry
but my patch
may be a mismatch

Perhaps you’ll notice when
you reach for a rebuttal
and find instead
dead moths
and soaked socks

I just want to know
what you think of it all
I need
to strip the skin
down to bare bones
and to sit as twin skeletons
describing the shakey scaffolding
of a soul